Surprise your loved ones by booking a party in Sri Lanka

About Us


We are Eatlanka. is launched in 2017 from UNITED KINGDOM and has made successful records and gained global appreciation among the Srilankan community since it’s launched. Eatlanka has developed an effective set menu system every buffet per person has one each of any starters, main courses and desserts from the restaurant’s menu in a broad range of selection if well known restaurants in Srilanka

Booking a table and a meal takes only two minutes as a customer all you have to do is selecting your district and the restaurant you preferred. The person who is going to the restaurant for the party can show the text message he received with a unique code and check in at the restaurant. If you are a restaurant owner please click here to join with us to reach the global Srilankan community.

Send Food to Sri Lanka

Ordering food from a selected and popular restaurant has become true with our great team of technical and sales. Eatlanka also gives you the choice to send freshly-prepared food to your loved one’s doorstep. Choose from a selection of your favourite Restaurants and foods. Your delicious food will be freshly-made and sent to your loved ones doorstep by the restaurant you have selected.

Send Groceries to Srilanka

Are your loved one’s running low on stock at the moment? Well, luckily for you Eatlanka gives you the ability to send grocery hampers to Srilanka. Each hamper has everything your loved ones need, from toiletries, to healthy grains, to groceries. What’s even better is that you choose from different sizes including: large, medium and small. Send groceries now and fill your loved one’s stock with Eatlanka. The broad range of the local Supermarkets you can order has become true with eatlanka’s innovative technology and some range of packs.

Send Cakes to Srilanka

Is your loved one’s birthday or event coming up soon and you don’t know where to order a cake for them? Well don’t worry because Eatlanka is here. With Eatlanka you can choose from your well-known cake-makers in Srilanka and your preferred cake. You have the ability to customise the cake by adding names, colours and designs, just mention them in the delivery notes. The customers have a great advantage of competitive pricing from the competitors as we have partnered with many cake makers.

Eatlanka has gained the global recognition among the Srilankan community with the outstanding achievements in terms of customer satisfaction and the partners relationship, which has driven a huge amount success to us.

Online Gifts to Srilanka

With Eatlanka you can now send gifts to your loved ones from a variety of gift shops in Srilanka. You can choose from chocolate, roses, electronics and more, and what’s more is that you’ll be able to choose the delivery date and customise your gifts, with names and colours, to the fullest extent. So, what are you waiting for Order Now. A wide range of gift shops from your home town to order your preferred gifts to loved ones.


EATLANKA is registered as EATLANKA LTD in UNITED KINGDOM in 2017. Eatlanka is a huge and fast growing platform to the Srilankan community who lives around the world. is perfectly designed and tailored to the Srilankan people who lives away from their home country, it is for them to surprise their friends and loved ones in Srilanka by booking and paying for a table and a meal in their preferred restaurant at their home town or send food, Grocery hamper packs, Cakes and gifts from the well known retailers.